Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sneaky bastards

Today I have 2 tracks for you that shouldn't have slipped under our radar, but they still did. It's kinda hard to listen to everything you find on blogs, so I usually only check the things that have a high chance to be something good (everything that flies into our inbox gets a listen of course).

The first one was passed on to us by Supreems themselves, in a very kind mail. Supreems are Xavier Van Bouwel and William Pauwels (VNNR's brother), and they finished their first track a month ago. It's called "Axis", and it sounded like a perfect marriage between house & trash. Keep an eye on these guys, they're playing on some cool dance festivals in Belgium like Laundry Day and last year's 10 days off.

Supreems - Axis by Supreems

When I was listening to Sawgood's latest mixtape, the second track of it got stuck in my head. After some research I found a decent quality version from this banging piece of trash, it turned out to be the Cyberpunkers remix for The Blister Boyz. If I close my eyes and turn the volume to the maximum, I can think about what things this would do to a packed dancefloor...

The Blister Boyz - Solferino (Cyberpunkers remix)

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