Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tunes... let's hope they start to kill me again soon!

Although I only have one exam left, the previous ones seemed to really have killed me. I'd rather get killed by tunes, so that sucks big time. Consequence: my blogging upkeep seems to be getting slower and slower...
I will give you 2 tracks today that I liked a lot recently, there are probably lots of more hot tracks on the blogs these days, but I really am to tired to search any longer.

The first one I stumbled on was one from Hostage, let's say that it's a typical one for him - then you know you don't have to expect anything typical! Thanks to the Dem Slackers blog to bring this to my attention.

Hostage - Rooted by HOSTAGE

Geometry are famous for their banging trash tunes, and they recently made a remix for P2t (long time since we heard anything new from those dudes...). They made the song a bit more club-worthy, and what's even more important: they made it better!

P2t - Jump (Geometry remix)

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