Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wrap up # 3

After a few hectic days caused by the exams, I finally found some time to sit down, relax, and dive into my swimming pool of electro (some even call it our "inbox"). The relaxing part from my intentions didn't quite came true, and if you listen to the music listed below, you'll understand why!

I'll start with the new release on MAKO records, the third one already. It's the first one from Polymorphic on this label, and it's also the first remix from the Proxy that gets released on his new label. My favorite of the release is "Robodance", but you should definitely check out the other 2 aswell! It only takes a minute, in the literally sense of the word.


Noize Degeneration, a nice french blog with basically the same focus as we have (being ass-kicking, bleeding hard electro), has started a project to promote some of their favorite french young guns (they're all between 16 and 22 years old). It's called "trash mob volume 1", and since you are a smart-ass, you can tell that this is gonna be the first part of a series! I picked my favourites from the package, but if you want more you can download them in a nice and friendly wrap-up file.

Tracklist :
1. Valy Mo - Diskro 2.0
2. Krusty Proders - Runegade
3. B. Frenzy - Super Pyramid
4. Arcade Nights - Smashing
5. 89 Revolt & Valy Mo - Spit On Your Money
6. Krusty Proders - 21h48
7. B. Frenzy - Russian 11 (Arcade Nights remix)
8. Valy Mo - Diskro 2.0 (89 Revolt remix)

If you want the whole package, download here!

VNDL is fully enjoying his summer back there in Montreal, but it's not only chilling and partying for him, he also locks himself in his room to make partytunes for us, mortals. His latest track sounds a bit like a mutation between trash, dubstep and hardstyle, and it sounds a lot better then this weird description might let you think!

I.D.G.A.F.A.W. (Original Mix) - VNDL by Philippe VNDL

The Sekskilers (ft Cute Boy) made a remix for Mika Chew's new Ep, which is coming out on D.E.N.S. records soon. If all the other remixes for this Ep sound as good as this one, it'll be pure gold once it has hit the shelves!
Mika Chew Ft AG&AG - Chew It Up (Sekskilers Ft CuteBoy Remix) by Sekskilers

Illstm's remix contest is going quite well, he has received 25 remixes already, and one of the remixes was made by Topaloca, 2 young belgians. They really gave the track a whole new look, it's less trashy and ravey, but with a more pumping bass underneath. I still prefer the original over this, but this is certainly worth a bit of your time.
Illstm - Moctezuma (Topaloca Remix) by Topaloca

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