Sunday, 6 June 2010

Fuck bass

Depuis 91 are officially the funniest electro producers of the moment (and they probably would end high in the all time rankings too) in my humble opinion. They're giving away their Ep for free, because who except dj's still buys records nowadays? But, feel free to think that you're downloading it illegally, that should make you feel better! If you want to read the whole damn description they wrote to promote this masterpiece, click on the soundcloud link!
If we take a closer look at the tracks, the first thing that crosses my mind is: trashy and melodic at the same time, woohoow! The two originals, Romantiq and Fuck Off, are typical for Depuis 91, if you have gotten your hands on Athlantiq and Erothiq, you know how that sounds.

The Vecho remix is unbelievable HARD, just like always with Vecho (I called him "the new Proxy" a few months ago, but he has really taken his own way, even harder than the Russian general). Preview the tracks with the soundcloud link, and I know you will want to downlad them, so I kindly give you mediafire links too!


Depuis 91 - Fuck off
Depuis 91 - Fuck off (Vecho remix)
Depuis 91 - Romantiq

Bassmakers, a duo from the Netherlands, attracted our attention with their track "Pirate Party" a few months ago. While that track is still not finished, they gave us 2 other banging tracks, and I'm sure you'll like em. They're supported by Blatta & Inesha, Mustard Pimp, Dem Slackers,... and lots more are to come, this is high quality like we normally only see from Big Guns like - well, basically it sounds a bit like a Mustard Pimp original! My favourite is "hit it!", but "Barbarian" is certified gold aswell!

Hit it! by Bassmakers

Barbarian by Bassmakers

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