Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Something Else

yes, it has been months ago since I did my latest post here. A long period of exhaustive, destructive and depression causing exams took the upper hand. Now that I am free again, lets catch up the time we have lost.

The White Electric can be called a three piece electro - punk - pop - rock band, with its origin in Melbourne, the beautiful south of Australia. The three piece is formed by Sally, dealing with some attractive vocals, Lachan playing the synths and Dave smashing the drums.

The band was formed in 2008 and already this year it will be releasing its debut EP.

I have to admit, this is not the kind of music you are used to discover on this blog. But I have to admit even more that this is the kind of music you should discover whenever you get the chance.

For me, it was the almighty Trumpdisco remix from "Into You" which led me to the original tracks. (A remix which is not findable at the moment.)

Into You Remix Promo Clip by Trumpdisco

So, I have sent a polite e-mail to one third of the band and a friendly feed back made my get my hands on two beautiful "The White Electric" tracks.

The White Electric - Into you

The White Electric - Wasted

So, my fellow Ratrabbits, give them an attentive listen and enjoy these tracks as I surely do.



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  1. Hey dude! what happened to this blog!? this blog was banging! why don´t you go on? you are my fav blog, you post only bangers!
    Cheers ;)