Sunday, 13 June 2010

Pink & trash

Modek has been really busy the last few months, with remixes for Nadisko, Rave Our Souls, The Oddword, Serial Chillers,... and his own "Mumps" Ep which was released on Kiez Beats (Check all Modek's productions here). To promote all that stuff, he decided to give away a track, called "Pink". It has a fat bass, big bleeps, and the crushed sound that we've all come to love as "trash".

Ado is giving away his remix for Modek's "Mumps" away for free, it's slightly less distorted then his original tracks. But you'd be mad if you let this one slip through your fingers, Ado is still sick! Whatever he says in his titles, don't get yourself fooled! His debut Ep will drop somewhere in september, so we'll keep you posted about that.

Modek - Mumps (Ado ain't sick mix)
Trashing Teenagers have been featured here some time ago, but this time we have downloadable stuff! My favorite of the whole package is "Supernova", but their unfinished tracks sound very promising too! Their track on Basserk's Some tunes 4 compilation (Freakz on 66) was very noisy too, it might even be the trashiest thing on that cd... Buy that release on beatport here!

Trashing Teenagers - Supernova

Trashing Teenagers - Overdrive V2 (teaser)

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