Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Haezer? I know who the fuck he is!

If you follow this blog since early april (or earlier), you'll probably still remember who the fuck Haezer is. This South-African dj and producer has boomed since then, and his highly anticipated "Who the fuck is Haezer"-Ep dropped this week on beatport (check all the remixes and buy it here). Remixes from Cyberpunkers, Trumpdisco, Noize Generation,... 7 in total, and from those the remix Cyberpunkers pumped out is my favourite. It blows your head off with it's hoarse, even a bit sexy vocals, combined with the pumping cycles of madness that we know from the Italian punkers.

Haezer - Who the fuck is Haezer (Cyberpunkers remix)
(I hate the fact that it this version cuts off before the end, I'd love to hear more of that...)

There was a time when we got our hands on awesome Trumpdisco remixes and originals almost every 2 or 3 weeks, but their stream of promo stuff was set on hold for a few months. This doesn't mean that they were being lazy during that time, in fact they are looking for labels to release their stuff. A small 2 weeks ago they uploaded a bunch of new & old stuff on their soundcloud, I think that you should definitely check all that... I'm gonna do that myself too, but my neck still needs some recovery from all the headbanging sessions from the last few days!
Their take on Haezer's track is typical for them, a simple, pumping beat pattern under thick layers of trash and distortion. And that's why Trumpdisco is so fuckin' genius!
Haezer-WTFIH-TrumpdiscoRemix promo by Trumpdisco

The Noize Generation remix aims for a more casual trash feeling, with looped vocals and a sample that seems to come straight from a metal song. This gives it an agressive and ravey atmoshpere (not something that girls would like I think), perfect for a sweaty mosh-pit at a festival!
Haezer - Who The Fuck Is Haezer (Noize Generation Remix) PREVIEW by Noize Generation

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