Saturday, 12 June 2010

Snobby Sharks

With 2 of my toughest exams down, I hope that I can find some more time to throw more stuff on the blog, but since I'm basically on my own, I don't have someone to cover my back when I'm feeling lazy.

Ok, let's cut the crap and get to the music! Snob Electro Sounds just finished a new remix for Gsus' "Vendetta", which I really like. It builds up very atmospheric, with some clerical "ooooooooh's" (a bit like the first 30 seconds of Cornelius from the Bloody Beetroots), and then it gets destroyed so rapid and violent that you just can't do anything but dance!

GSUS! - Vendetta (SNOB Electro Sounds Remix) by SNOB Electro Sounds

This is an older one, but it has the same feeling as the previous one, so hard and trashy that even your grandma won't be able to resist banging her head.

We Are Not Cliché - Exhausted (SNOB Electro Sounds' Stuck In A Turbine 2 Remix) by SNOB Electro Sounds

We are not cliché - Exhausted (Snob Electro Sounds' Stuck in a Turbine 2 remix)

"The Funniest Dudes" in Flanders electro universe have made a remix for SES and Gsus's new song "Beatgrinder". I am talking about Depuis 91 of course, the guys that gave away their last Ep for free. They mix melodic parts with trashy explosions, that's the way how to do it!
Check the original mix on Snob Electro Sounds' soundcloud!


In the early days of this blog, I throwed a lot of Sharkslayer stuff at you, and this stream has weakened ever since we focused more and more on trashy shit. The last thing I listened from those Finnish dudes however, was just to NICE. I think this will be something that we'll be hearing on a lot of festivals this summer, it has everything to be a hit: a silly vocal, a tribal bassline, and it's highly dance-able too!

Sharkslayer - Hammerhead (128 kbps)

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