Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Hide and scream

Back when I was new to electro music these guys already found their way to me. How? Well I don't know actually, these guys don't really have a real big name... Anyway, already then I was into their music. And now, about a year an a half later, their music found it's way back to me.

Here's a preview of their new track called Kraft. When I heard it the first time, I heard elements that they were allready using in their first production and I heard some really fresh stuff. The combination made me fall in love.
Kraft (Out Soon On Touché Records) by hideandscream

This one is a remix of Fresh Foolish's Awake. Shows that they have decent producing skills. It made me move on the beat and what does an electro song need more then that to be a banger?
Fresh Foolish - Awake (Hide and Scream Remix) Out 31-01 on SHAKE YOUR ASS Records by hideandscream

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