Sunday, 30 January 2011

Enough Weapons...

Enough Weapons are a huge favourite of us, South African electro lovers..
They'v had a lot of gigs recently and make our crowds go crazy. This duo travels around the world, mainly hitting Europe and South Africa although they have been to the states. They use a whole bunch of equipment ranging from Kaos pads to Nordlead 3 and some other unknown secret weapons which will make you crave for more.
These guys produce some of the best electro, dub and break beats. Both guys in this duo have had a lot of D.Jing experience beforehand, now when put together they are amazing...

In 2010 they had lots of gigs and brought out many new tracks but now its 2011 and we should appreciate their tunes.

Move Bitch - Ludacris (Enough Weapons Bootleg) by Enough Weapons

This remix of Ludacris is crazy and if it doesn't get your head bobbing I'm not sure what will..

Ultra Funk- Enough Weapons by Enough Weapons

This song is for all the electro lovers who like that beautiful sense of rythm...

And last but not least the song that represents all that is good in my country South Africa. We take "The Big Five" by P.H. Fat and have it remixed by Enough Weapons... P.H. Fat is the king of dub in South Africa, pouring Tequila over the crowds that come jam to their beats. This song is S.A. heaven...

The Big Five- PH Fat (Enough Weapons Remix) by Enough Weapons

Shot, Loose K

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