Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Rock me on electro!

I normally don't promote party's, no matter how awesome their line-up is...
But for this one, I am making an exception! Rock me on electro is bringing Trumpdisco to Belgium, one of my favorite artists of all time. They are pretty much the only ones that I already knew 3 years ago and that I still like now. Besides, in all that time they never got their asses out of Australia, which makes this even more special...
First time in Europe, first time in Belgium, probably the first time I will get an orgasm from hearing an electro set,...

And oh yeah, that's not even everything...

The rest of the line-up makes me even more excited!



Dr. Philth!

And 1 more special guest which is not yet announced.

Where, when, why, fee, how, what, whoop whoop?

Where: Fuse, Brussels
When: 18th of february
Why: You don't want your grandchildren to be bullied because "Haha, his grandpa (or grandma, in case there are girls reading this) wasn't there when Trumpdisco made everyone get so wild that the world stood still for a moment! LOSER!"
Fee: Just 10 lousy euro's, but grandparents stories are prizeless...
How: just get your ass down there, and let the music take control
What: probably the best party of your whole life
Whoop Whoop: You bet!

Ps: I haven't said anything about Gtronic or the other guys playing there, but don't get me wrong: their awesome too! Trumpdisco is just that little bit more special because their my favorite aussies, and I've seen tha G a couple of times already.


  1. Jammer genoeg heeft trumpdisco gecanceld!!! zn hele tour zelfs !! ik keek er echt naar uit!

  2. Jep, balen, balen en nog eens balen...
    maar ja, niets aan te doen he...

    normaal gezien komen ze later op het jaar wel terug naar rock me on electro, tesamen met DJ Antention...

    Laat ons hopen dat het dan wel doorgaat!

  3. how shit, dikke line up dan!

    maar twas wel een dik feesje!