Saturday, 1 January 2011

Death of Santa Claus

Happy new year everyone!
Now that you all got all your presents for this holiday period, you probably have to admit that a lot of them are bullcrap...
Thanks for the wool sweater mom, that's just what I needed...
Oh lovely, a pair of pink gloves! You do know I'm a boy grandma?

That sort of shit! You know who's responsible for this? Santa Claus indeed!

Let's get the bastard! He will pay for this! What better way to punish him than making a mixtape so hard that he will never be able to ride his sleigh after hearing it? It gets even better if I tell you that all of the tracks are exclusive, so you can only have heard some of them in live-sets or previews.... Excited already?
Click that big orange button then, and get ready for Santa's slow and painful dead!

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