Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Less known talents Nam Nori & Neologic

I have been searching through Soundcloud again and found some pretty good unknown artists. Two living examples that getting your name up isn't that easy...

I got confused on this one. His songs all sound so professional, but when I check his facebookpage I see that he only has 56 fans. So yeah you'll be thinking, he probably just started up the page. No! When I scrolled down I saw a post going back to june 2010. So a message to all you readers, click here and become a fan! This dude really deserves a little more attention. I would like to introduce him to you, but I just don't know anything about him. I don't even know it is a him! But here is my personal favorit, I just really like the way the vocals are mixed. Please check out his whole soundcloud-page.

Yuksek - Extraball (Nam Nori Remix) by Nam Nori

I don't know if I can say they're unknown, judging by their myspace they do play for decent crowds and do get some attention. I think they're just known in Brazil. But this post isn't really for the dj-duo itself, but more for one of their songs. Not that I think their other songs suck or anything, but it's just not really my style. This one is, making me enjoy that lovely bass. Ow yeah, before I forget, their name is Neologic...

Neologic - Take it Back by neologic

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