Saturday, 22 January 2011

Fresh Disko

Nadisko will be releasing a new Ep on tuff em up records in March, and they've put a teaser online. My favorite tunes are "Ringer" and "Extortion". Ringer is a very happy tune, which will surely make you jump and long for the festival season. Extortion is rather the opposite, this sounds like it came from Haezer's cave when he had a really bad temper and wanted to make something extra violent...

To make some fuzz around their new EP, they are giving a new remix away for free. It's a remix for Jeff Wayne's "Eve of the war", the theme song for 2005's blockbuster "War of the worlds". It sounds pretty epic, I think this is a good song to start a set with!

Fresh Foolish is a project by 2 Italian Dj's/producers, who are kinda new to the scene. They have already created quite a name for themselves, with a release on crux records scheduled and a first Ep with vocals from a girl and a gun. I went through their soundcloud to pick my favorites, and these are the ones that I found:

This track is plain old heavy electro, a bit trashy, without becoming too chaotic - like trash has to sound.

This remix is a dubstep/electro blend for the remix competition for swagger by Dem Slackers, it hopefully will make you bang your head as much as it did to me...


You probably noticed that we can't run this blog on a regular basis, because me and Dislabled both have lots of other stuff to do (Electrobanging, if you read this - Post!). But if you think that you can be a good team member for us, by writing posts about hard electro, you can contact us!

Just send a mail to:, subject "writer".

- You have to be good in english (a few mistakes are not such a big deal, but I have to correct al of them, so you're not coming in if you can't make decent posts)
- You love the harder kind of electro, and you are willing to do some research to find it
- Find yourself a fancy name to sign your posts with
- Always write a bit about the artist and/or song you promote, don't just throw a bunch of songs at our readers.
- It would be nice if you came from the dutch part of Belgium, but that's not necessary.

What do you get:
- Access to our mailbox, with all the tracks, mixes, and whatever else in it.
- Access to our facebook account, so you can talk to your favorite dj's and producers in the chat.
- Tons of respect from us, the writers, and the electro community in general.

I hope I'll find some decent bloggers with this, because I really want this blog to go big :)!

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