Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wrap up # 9

We posted a remix of Dj antention's track Ivan a few months ago, it was remixed by X-ettl, one of the guys from Aerotronic. Vecho made one too, and this one is even harder than the one by X-ettl (oh, poor ears of mine, they really have a tough time nowadays...). I prefer this one over the original and remixes, but you are of course free to disagree with my humble opinion.
Big up for Vecho!

pass: ivanvechoremix593

And here is another one remix by Vecho, this time for Redial's "Venom". Sweeeeeeet!

The artist who would definitely have got the Ratrabbits award for "breakthrough artist of 2010" (if it existed), is Comic Strips. I have downloaded everything he has made so far, and 90% of that was pure sex (the other 10% was only foreplay). Not many producers achieve that level of versatility, quality and productivity. And he is only just starting... His latest remix is a bomb that has an impact similar to the one dropped on hiroshima.
It will hit you in you face out of nowhere... It's Sucker Punch by Gtronic!

Temabes is a producer from Moscow, Russia, who seems very eager to let the world know that he is out there, making stuff that bangs and kicks you right in your manhood. This is heavy, dark, grinding, teeth crushing electro like only a sick mind from the former soviet union can make... Prepare...

This remix by Beatbouncers is out since monday, and it's been supported by big guns like Kissy Sell Out, Cyberpunkers, The Oddword, Shameboy,... The sound is a lot heavier then their stuff when they were still a duo, something that I can only be happy about.

The Eleven from the Netherlands is a relative young producer, but his tunes already gained support from Dj's like Dem Slackers, Riptide, Screendeath,... And his track "Pie" will be released on Southern Fried records. His stuff sounds a lot like acid house, but then with a special touch that I can't describe exactly - let's call it the" clouds touch".


I posted a preview of this some time ago, now you can have the full version!

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