Monday, 17 January 2011

F to B

This post was scheduled to be online thursday, but destiny (and my exam of metaphysics) had other things in store for it...
I guess having exams sucks...
Work sucks harder though!

After the heart stopping announcements of my last post, it would be wise to calm down and post some relaxing stuff. So that's what I did...
"Huh wait? Is this Ratrabbits? This can't be happening?"
Ok, I lied! Relaxing is for old people, not for a bunch of party-harders! How about some F2u and Bullwack to get that adrenaline pumping?

F2u will be releasing an EP on Bonds records on the 17th of februari, it will consist out of 2 original tracks (I hyped the videoclip for one of them in september already, check that post here) Bad Mad Man and Virus. I'm not allowed to post those originals, but there are some remixes ready from producers who don't want their stuff to be released. Weird, but I won't complain, because that means I can freely share them!

The credits for these excellent remixes go to Feedback and W.A.R.!

I got to know Bullwack from his remix for Comic Strips, and I got reminded of his existence again a few days ago when I saw a very touching post on his facebook wall. He wanted more plays on his myspace, because it was embarrassing to only have 2 plays for each track. I don't give a fuck about myspace actually, but I did went to his page to check his tunes. The one that I immediately loved was this one:

I guess I am sort of obliged to keep an eye on him now, you don't make stuff that good by chance... I'll start with checking his whole soundcloud after my exam on monday (Right now that means)!

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