Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Le Musique D'Ordinateur

La Musique D'Ordinateur (LMDO) are a group who have inspired me in the first time I have heard their production.
This sweet little group in ascension emerge from two guys, who have musical influences from Electro, Metal, PUNK, Dubstep, all together made LMDO.
Their strong is headbanger music, they made some pretty cool remix of Slipknot, Metallica, Bring me the Horizon, Linkin Park... and more.
They are from Spain and really, they are here to stay with their music.

A new release from them are the EP " Hoover ".
Tracks release in 27 of Januar in all platforms, so prepare yourself because this EP is a bomb !

La Musique D'Ordinateur - Hoover EP by La Musique D'Ordinateur

And also have left a bonus track for us.

La Musique D'Ordinatour - Hoover ( Mr. Penisman remix )

Now for you know more about their music a SoundCloud Set with all their producing.
The remix who have impressed me so much was " Super Pixel - Bangers ( La Musique D'Ordinatour remix ).
I really recommend you to listening some of this tracks

Latest tracks by La Musique D'Ordinateur


This post was a try-out, and since his english really isn't good enough (sorry dude), he won't be able to write posts any longer. The music is top quality though, so check that out for sure :).

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