Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Buck Wasted in the club

Wasted Basterds were promoted here about a month and a half ago, and I think it's time to give him another well deserved spot in the spotlights. His latest track, called "Mad Kidz" will be released on Touché records, together with a bunch of remixes By X-ettl, Mr. Skeleton and Vakkuum. Today I present you the original mix, an electro-trash-distortion-rave-get-fucked-up track which will definitely get you to bang your head!

Then I have some new Comic Candy for you, brought to you by our number one source of banging electro from the US and A. You've guessed it, it's Comic Strips! He has made a new Ep, this time it's not one with only tracks from himself, there are 3 remixers who all try to do it better than our whizzkid.
It's hard to pick one favorite, because basically they don't differ that much from the original. If I have to pick one, it would be the Krftkds remix, because it adds just that little more punch. But for a first track with vocals (they are done by Sneaky Mike and Femi), this whole Ep kicks ass!
The best news: it's free for all!


1. Buck Naked In The Club (original mix)
2. Buck Naked In The Club (Geneden Remix)
3. Buck Naked In The Club (Krftkds Remix)
4. Buck Naked In The Club ( The Mass Brothers Remix)

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