Friday, 19 March 2010

Aaaaah, spring time!

So this fucking long winter is finally over, and the darkest month ever in Belgium (February had the fewest hours sunlight ever) had to make place for march, and we finally get a little sun and warmth. Now who's gonna give you that summer feeling? Disco Villains maybe?
Disco Villains are back with a laidback "rerub" for a track named chiquetere. Or is it just an original? The rerub-thing might leave you behind in despair, wondering what it is. I would say it doesn't matter, but for the true purists: it is a redo for an old song, but Disco Villains made it totally different. A summer-hit? Let's hope that we hear it a few times at the festivals! They made this song for WMC (Winter Music Conference, a HUGE festival in Miami), so it will definitely get played some times over there.

Disco Villains - chiquetere 2010 rerub

The next songs I have in store for you are a little less summerstyle, they sound more like you're trapped in a snowy, stormy, windy, cold(y) and noisy wall of sound. Real harsh, just like the previous tracks from this young dude from Flanders. I said it was harder than Proxy last time, and I still think that this description fits. Download at own risk!

Shaved monkeys - Get rough (Vecho remix)
Dada Life - Let's get bleeped tonight (Vecho remix)

Sonsu's remix for "you got the love", keeps the vocals that made the original a radio-hit, and ads a fidget-house break. Summer feelings everywhere!

Florence + the machine ft. the XX- you got the love (Sonsu remix)

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