Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hoe Ha Ha Ha Hà Hà

The Belgian electro formation "Shaved Monkeys" (Dieter Haeck, Gregory Messine and Pieter Machtelinckx) are about to release their first EP on Crux Records (USA).

The "Get Rough Ep" will include the original, accompanied with remixes from Distrakt, VNNR, Shax, Aerotronic and Soda N' Suds.

Support for the original comes out from every corner: Zombies for money, Stereoheroes, Mustard Pimp, NT89, The Deficient, The Oddword, Serialchillers, Who Are We and ...

I am sharing the original because the track hasn't really been posted since the guys finished it.

An other reason why I am posting this one is the fact that some time ago some person accused the guys from being copycats in different ways (Music, artwork,...) by spreading an e-mail all over the "world".

Because I am led to believe that these guys are sincere and honest, they deserve some extra promotion.

Shaved Monkeys - Get Rough

Act like an animal!

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