Tuesday, 16 March 2010

acid, electro, drunk fidget and a little yellow bird being banged

Figure has again expanded his musical horizons. This time he made an acid remix for Paul Anthony's "Cocaine" track. This man's production skills are truly amazing, he never failed to amaze me. His switching of genres only increases my love for him, he's not afraid to try new stuff.
I think that's enough praise for now, just download, play, love and tell your friends about it.

Paul Anthony - Cocaine (Figure's future acid remix)

Snapcrack, a brand new French electro duo started their career with 2 banging electro/rave tracks, a remix for overthrill, and an original. Decent electro shit, it's violent and melodic at the same time.

Snapcrack - Nachos Machos
Overthrill - Your life (Snapcrack remix)

When I need a little music to get in the mood for a drunk party, Blatta & Inesha never fail to feed my needs. The latest track they shared on soundcloud is "what's the time", a collaboration with Whiskey Pete. I think that I have all the tracks from their Omgitm mixtape now, which means that I finally will stop listening to it. That's how it goes with great mixtapes full of unknown tracks: when ever track is released, I'm tired of the tape and I never listen to it again. Anyways, this is the track, and it's great!


And, I almost forgot...
BANGDUCK finally dropped.
The long awaited answer from Afrojack to bangkok is a remix with a blink, he wanted to show that his sound was stolen by Boris Dlugosch. But don't worry, they won't start dissing each other like rappers do. To the ones who can't make sense of the vocals: afrojack is from the netherlands, so the vocals are in dutch.

Afrojack - Bangduck

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