Friday, 12 March 2010

Lots of booms on Bmkltsch!

Bmkltsch records is definitely my favorite dutch label. With releases from Gtronic, Mightyfools, Mike Mago and the Boemklatsch-crew, they have gathered a bunch of extremely talented young guns.
In a time period of 2 days, there were 3 amazing releases on the label.

The first one we have in store for you, is the new EP from Nobody beats the drum, the "Dirty Monkey" Ep. The whole release counts 5 tracks, 2 originals "Dirty Monkey" and "Over & Over". My favorites of that release are the original Dirty Monkey and the Slagsmalsklubben remix of Over & over. But if you are diggin' it, give em some support by buying the whole EP on Itunes or beatport.

Nobody beats the drum - Dirty Monkey
Nobody beats the drum - Over & Over (Slagsmalsklubben remix)

Next Ep on the label is the labelbosses (boemklatsch) own Ep, "Noisy". I have to admit that I fancied the remixes more then the originals, especially the one from Jamie Fanatic and Baskerville. These artists are all native dutchmen, loads of talent there! So anyway, have fun with the tracks!

Boemklatsch - Reflex (Jamie Fanatic's Legacy Kids Club remix)
Boemklatsch - Noisy (Baskerville remix)

The last release on the label (it will definitely have an amazing year, if I look at the future releases) is the "Turn of the tides" Ep from C-mon & Kypski. The original tracks on that Ep are a bit too "poppy" (and at some points it switches to a hardrock song) to share on this blog, but I would be very happy if the radiostations played more pop like that. The remixes on the Ep have the power to rock dancefloors near you. The Edu K remix puts tribal drums, tropical sounds and a southern feeling in the track, this results in a totally different track then the original. The Boemklatsch remix is typical electro, a good track for a lot of dancefloors.

C-mon & Kypski - Turn of the tides (Edu K remix)

C-mon & Kypski - Burning Hot (Boemklatsch remix)

And we have some more, not a remix which came out on Bmkltsch records, but it is a remix from Boemklatsch. It's their latest remix for Stars and Sons, and if you liked the other tracks in this post, there's just no way that you won't like this one.

Stars and Sons - Good for me (Boemklatsch remix)

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