Thursday, 11 March 2010

Is your track dirty? Wash it then!

Trackwasher is a French trash/breakbeat duo, who are working really hard on their way to the top with their productions. Their tracks have a funny touch, the doorbell in "back" made me smile, it's so silly, yet so funny. The tracks both have a lot of dancefloor power, I'm sure that they set fire to a lot of rooms there in France.

Trackwasher feat Spiky the machinist - Back (la croisette)

Trackwasher - pixeltoys

Two talented young guns from Wallonie, Natsuko have sent us some of their newest remixes and originals. I am completely digging their sound, my favorite this time is their "metalic disco chainsaw" rmx. The chilled (in the meaning of having caught a cold) vocals in this track, accompanied by some of the best trash-electro Belgium has to offer... Great!
And don't miss "burn head" and their "cut" remix!

Lady Citizen - Metalic Disco Chainsaw (Natsuko remix)
Natsuko - Burn Head
Soldout - The Cut (Natsuko remix)

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