Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Modek's new Ep "mumps" is going to be released on Kiez Beats records, it will contain 1 original and 6 remixes. My favorites are Sick Boy's and the Sexinvaders remix, but you are allowed to pick your own poison on the soundcloud link below.

Modek - Mumps (Sick Boy remix)

Modek Mumps EP (Part 1+2) by KIEZ BEATS Records

Gbd crew, another talented duo from Liège, made a minimix especially for our blog, 23 tracks in 6 minutes. Some real nice transitions, one big mash-up like he says himself. The tracks are all oldies from 2005 to 2008, which is why it's called "Old smoothie from space".
An interesting evolution in the internet promotion channels: Myspace is becoming less important, Facebook and Soundcloud are taking over (some artists even don't have a myspace, like VNDL). Soundcloud and Facebook give lots of more options to interact with your favorite producers, which is probably why things are changing like this.
"Facebook killed myspace" - Gtronic

GBD crew - Old smoothie from space

This last thing does not have do to anything with music, just some weird science: some Argentine dude invented Holophonic sound. And what might that be, you think.
It's a special technique which makes the sound go circular (if you just listen it on your boxes, it won't work, use headphones!). Check the links below, they probably explain it better then I can.

The scientifical explanation
a cool example


  1. I have the Aerotronic one. Hahaha

  2. We too mate, we too :P.
    We might add it to this post, not sure if KIEZ will let us though.