Sunday, 21 March 2010

My brain's on fire, so I think I have to go

Cyberpunkers have been featured some time ago on this blog, but their popularity has boomed like dynamite recently. A lot of the fuzz around them originates from the fact that they have released a new Ep last friday, on Freakz me out records. This Ep contains the bombs "I needed to go" and "OMG". It has received a new face from hot artists like Tom Deluxx, Autodidakt, Gooseflesh, Max Cherry and Zero Cash. Buy it on beatport!
The videoclip for the original "I needed to go" has started quite a buzz, but because the leading role in it was played by a very ugly, skinny, emo girl, I'm not going to shock you with it. If you are really dying to see it, check their myspace or facebook fanpage. For the ones who think they can trust me blindly, I have a download link. Woopwoop!

Cyberpunkers - I needed to go

The other lucky dude who will get a little attention from me this time, is La Tourette. With remixes on his Cv for Steve Aoki, Royksopp, Major Lazer and loads of others, he earned some stripes already. His new Ep will be released on Joystick records, including three originals : Get Busy, Bastard and Avc. All three of these songs are worth a bit of your precious time, but I only have "Bastard" for you as a download link. For the other ones you will have to wait untill the 1st of april, when it's released. But you'll bang your head for sure with this track, and you know why that is?
Because your brain's on fire!

La Tourette - Bastard

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