Monday, 22 March 2010

chewy lemonade cookies

Chewy Chocolate Cookies has been ignored severely on this page. Reason being? When my co-bloggers saw him playing a set at fight klub in september, they were convinced that it was prerecorded. And if that's true, the guy is such a sucker in my eyes and ears, that he doesn't deserves any more promotion.
But I've changed my mind because of one of his latest videos, a promotional one for his new Doom-Ep. His productions like "apocalypse", "boom boom", his remix for major lazer and lots of others had caught my attention already, but I still was reserved for everything he pumped out because of the prerecording thing. I think that now is the time to break the silence, but if I ever see you again ccc, and you're not dj-ing live...

This video uses some parts of the chinese movie "House of the flying daggers" to create a cool effect, I was watching it with a lot more attention than normal promo vids. Heavy basses and high pitching sounds for the win! The name of the track is "Spontaneous music behaviour".

I'm sure that you have heard from the latest collaboration between wonderkids Boys Noize & Erol Alkan, the "avalanche/lemonade" EP. I have to say that my opinion on those tracks differed from the majority of other bloggers. While they were all psyched about the 2 tracks, I believed that they didn't deserve that much attention.
Lemonade was ok, Avalanche was even a bit boring. The Waves/Death Suite ep was a lot better. But the remix that Deaf Tunes made for Lemonade did got me jumping. This is how the original should have sounded!

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Lemonade (Deaf tunes rework)

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