Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Harvard Bass march chart

Harvard Bass got his ass kicked and was robbed in LA, but he was kind enough to post his best songs of the month at the Sound Pellegrino blog. The most of these tracks aren't available for us, mortal people, like the new dj edjotronic song (not djedjotronic anymore, he changed his name a bit) and his own new remixes. But we have that last song from the chart for you, and like Viktor shows: thumbs up!

Maxx Bett - Soccer girl

I'm really becoming a sucker for everything Figure pumps out, his style seems to change everytime (he has made dubstep, wobbly bass, techno, and some things in between). And everytime, he nailed it. His latest release on one for all records is pointing straight to the dancefloors, with some cool club vocals in "War Fair". "The Doses" is one for all you drug addicts out there, but if you aint enslaved, you'll probably enjoy this one too.

Figure - The Doses
Figure - War Fair

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