Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Above is a preview for Soda 'n' Suds newest track, named "heavy".
Well, that's a perfect name for that track if you ask me! If it's not for the music that you look at this clip, do it for the tribal drums, the rappers, breakdancers, capoeira dancers and bouncing titties that are represented in the video part.

Jfk from Mstrkrft has teamed up with St mandrew to create 2 new tracks, "Beehive" and "Towel Singer". They are released on Teenage Riot records (Jfk's new label). "Beehive" isn't exactly what you might expect from Jfk, it sounds more like the new Afrojack.
But there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Jfk & St andrew - Beehive

P2t has made another filthy electro track, a song that uses samples from cartoon series. Rather funny how it turns out to be a bomb, after the intro. It's not a remix to be correct, it just so happens that Slayertrash was the first to make the track, and P2t just made another one.
Check it out!

Slayertrash - Cartoon Netcrunk (P2t happiness remix)

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