Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nr. 100!

So this is our 100th post, I really am a bit proud of myself when I look at our back catalogue, I believe we stayed true to our mission statement (spreading loads of hard electro, and very little soft shit) most of the time. So I tried to get my hands on some exclusive stuff for this post, but aparently every major artist in the electro scene is at WMC. But don't worry, I managed to find some real banging stuff for this special occasion!

First up: Snob electro sounds, who have just finished their track "Ripper". Labelbosses all around the globe, check this out! This is serious grindin' stuff, just the way I love it! Even better than "the beast", and that track still gives me chills when listening to it. Catch them dj'ing this saturday at their own (together with Screech'd) party "Epic One", alongside Modek and Volltronixx.

SNOB Electro Sounds - Ripper by SNOB Electro Sounds

DE.LL, I'm sure that name doesn't ring a bell at all. That's perfectly normal, because he only started producing seriously a little while ago. His first track is available for download below, and for a first track, this is dope as hell. Hailing from Le Havre in France, he's now ready to start taking over the world step by step.

D.E.LL - Bang Bang by Dell

Les Petits Pilous will be playing a set at Fight Klub this friday (so that's 2 banging parties in one weekend, I bet you won't even have time to hit your bed). Their "Bielle" Ep, released on Boys Noize records, will be hitting real hard at party's all around the globe.
My pick of the Ep is "Goog", it has one of the best build-ups I have ever heard, and it sets your legs on fire like only the old Boys Noize could.

Les Petits Pilous - Goog

I hope you enjoyed this post, and more generally, this blog.
Let's go for the 1000!

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