Saturday, 27 March 2010

Gunning down

I think this is the first time that I'm posting a drum & bass track, but it's just so heavy and violent, fucking unbelievable. Noisia, a dutch drum & bass trio recently had the honor to make an essential mix for BBC radio One, and one of the tracks in that mix struck me like it was lightning. It appeared that it was the 16bit remix of "Machine Gun". This is how I like drum & bass, normally I get tired of it when a dj plays d&b for more than an hour, but if all d&b was as violent as this shit...
Need I say more?

Noisia - Machine Gun (16 Bit remix) (removed on request)

This post is just a quickie, but I'll try to make my next post something special because it's number 100 then!


  1. This sound is the apocalypse. Siiick

  2. be sure to also check the amon tobin mix, it's also on the single, some wicked shit!!

  3. @ JJ: I checked that Amon Tobin mix, but I have to agree with Antoine: the 16 bit remix is the apocalypse, nothing beats that!

  4. It has been written that some people shit in their pants, while listening to this song...